Tuesday, November 24, 2015

My old lady update...

Well, that was interesting.  Yesterday afternoon (after the chiropractor cranked on my nerves) I had random bouts of pain.  Nothing constant but definitely felt it and had to continue with the usual routine of not doing one thing or staying in one place very long.

I find that if I sit on a hard chair, on the couch, stand in the kitchen, lie on a bed, or even walk around too long my back, butt, or back on my legs will begin to ache.  So I keep changing it up and moving around which thankfully works.

Last night I took a Motrin PM to help me sleep (and not ache) and it worked.  I woke this morning shocked that I never woke up once during the night.

Today I am feeling the after effects of being "worked on" more in my legs.  Butt feels pretty good but my legs and back kind of ache.

I am going back tomorrow morning...I am glad this is working or seems to be working because I DON'T want to have and WILL NOT have any surgery unless I absolutely cannot walk.

Monday, November 23, 2015

I hurt like an old lady hurts.....

Lately I have been eating.  A lot.  I mean we all have to eat to live, I get that.  But, I have been eating to indulge and kind of over indulge.  I then what do I do?  I hit the kitchen basket of "stuff" aka "Stuff" you may take to get over a headache, a body ache, if one needs a band aid, or as in my case a TUMS.  Yep, the lovely stomach relief of a TUMS antacid is my rainbow kind of moment.  The rainbow that takes away the pain/rain and brings sunshine to an otherwise dark spot in the stomach.

I search and read and search and read articles about BINGE eating.  And as much as I wish I could pinpoint my indulgences onto a binge episode the definitions don't totally match up.  From my reading the binge is often a "mindless" activity.  And its eating a lot.  I feel I eat a lot, but not as much as a true binge and I feel I am always aware of my eating...not really a mindless act.

OK~ so its not a binge.

I had a pretty typical childhood (sure we all struggle now and then) but I don't feel I am eating because of a childhood issue that hasn't been dealt with.

I like food.  UGH. And yes, it brings a sense of comfort, but then often followed by some uncomfortable times and still I turn back to it for the taste.  Yes, the sugar gets me every time.

However, lately I caught myself eating non sugary treats and then I stopped and wondered why am I eating this right now at this moment.  And for the FIRST TIME EVER my inner self ANSWERED ME BACK!!! (Truly ~ it was so weird) And you know what it said?  It said, "You are eating because it makes you feel good and otherwise you hurt".  That's it.

And guess what??? That inner self was right!!  I am hurting right now and yet I never wanted to accept it and I figured it would just go away and it hasn't.  In fact, it is getting worse.

Sciatica is an old lady thing.  Sciatica should only happen to others and not me.  Well, I found this article and its exactly what I am going through.  It hurts all day~ sure its off and on and often more on than off ~ but its nagging and its annoying.  And there isn't any thing I have found that releases the pain immediately except a warm piece of pumpkin bread, a warm cup of coffee, a piece of peanut butter toast, a bowl or two of ice cream get the picture?  I have been eating to feel good for a moment in between feeling yucky the rest of the time.

Sure its gets my mind off the sciatic pain, but eventually the pain comes back and with it the need to feed.

Well, when I realized my issue I immediately made an appointment to see a chiropractor before going to my family doctor for an x-ray or MRI.  I went this morning and my goodness did he push on nerves that hurt so bad and felt so good!  I told him how it has been hurting to drive lately too and that I am kind of dreading the 4-hour drive north for Thanksgiving.  He laughed and said I better come back Wednesday for another adjustment.  And I am!!

I felt good after leaving, I hope it continues to do better and I can avoid the MRI or dare I say ANY and EVERY kind of surgery that the article speaks of.

Until the next time.....

Thursday, November 19, 2015

I cannot look at that "fuzzy navel" any more....

Happy Thursday!!  One week from today is the most thankful day of the year...one week!!!! And now to say what we all will repeat a few times over the next few days......
"Where has the year gone??"

I will elaborate more later but for now I just had to say something so that the green fuzzy navel would NOT be the first thing I see when I open my blog.




It's my last day at preschool too because next Monday and Tuesday are conferences and I don't have to be at school for conferences.  A.K.A.  ~ I make the small pay check and only those that make the big bucks have that responsibility...and I am ok with that!

I will be working a bit at the Y, getting my hair colored and cut, attending a weekend swim meet for the boy, going out with friends for supper one night and preparing for a trip up north....while taking it very slow because a week's vacation is too nice to rush.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

What Would You Do?

Have you ever done something once or maybe twice and it turned out awful?  Or at least in a way that YOU were NOT expecting?  It could be something big or something quite small...it could be life changing (like someone driving drunk and either getting in an accident or pulled over because of it) or it could be trying hot sauce for the first time (and having a gut wrenching experience ~ never to do again).

I will admit I have had a few of these...(FYI, never driven drunk!)

My first experience of the like involved a certain candy mint:
these to be exact.....

It had to be at least 3 years ago.  I bought a bag and in one night finished off the whole lot of them.  I didn't feel sick at first but within an hour my stomach starting churning and I completely upchucked every single one of them.  No, I couldn't really count each of them....but, my stomach was emptied and I have NEVER at a single mint (like this) again.

Another time it happened in college.  More specifically my freshman year and within the first month. I was young, I was crazy, and my drink of choice was the Fuzzy Navel.

Well, I drank and drank and the next thing I knew the bathroom was my best friend and I was praying that I wouldn't die from fuzzy navel poisoning...and here I am!!  I did not die and I have not had a fuzzy navel of ANY KIND since.  

Last night I attended the Cross Country banquet with my daughter and her team (plus hubby!) Tradition has it that the new or next years captains buy the old or graduating senior captains a going away gift.  It is usually a funny "inside" kind of gift along with a meaningful one.  Weeks ago, one of the captains got REALLY sick...she had no explanation for her upchucking except that she had just eaten at Subway and she SWEARS the sandwich was BAD.  She hasn't eaten at Subway since and has no plans of going back any time soon.  

What did the girls give her as her "gag" gift??  
A giftcard to Subway.

I wonder if she will use it or give it away?  

What Would You Do?

I would probably give it away to someone else.  I haven't had a mint or a fuzzy navel after my experience so I doubt she will be able to have something from Subway any time soon.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

This or THIS?

Thanks to my hubby and one of our kiddos way back when ~ while stalling before going to bed one night ~ the game of THIS or THIS   was born.  I could sit in bed and hear the conversation go on and on.....

Hubby would wrack his brain to come up with two things that would be compared and the child at the moment (lately Owen because he is the youngest) would think about it and give his or her answer.

For example.....if we were planning a trip north hubby may ask where he would like to sleep.....Cousins house or the cabin? And then he would give his answer.  Sometimes it would end with the answer and other times he may go into a long explanation as to why he chose the answer he did.  ( I always found his reasons to be quite entertaining and very thoughtful for the most part).

Another example may be Star Wars characters.......Luke or Hans Solo?  R2 D2 or C3 PO?  Actually hubby and Owen know there Star Wars movies so they could get technical and ask about certain scenes in different episodes and clones that I don't even know about.

Entertaining?  Yes!

So my thoughts lately pertaining to THIS or THIS: 

  • Summer or Winter?   Summer
  • Do you like seeing Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving or After?  After
  • Alone time or No way give me my peeps!?  Alone time 
  • Drinking a fruit smoothie or just the fruit please?  Fruit only
  • Beer or wine?  Beer - 90% of the time
  • Ice cream or cake?  Ice cream
  • Buying new clothes or buying a new purse? Purse ~ always the perfect size!
  • Florida at Christmas or stay home?  Disney here we come.

Feel free to answer any or share one of your own......

Happy Eve of Friday the 13th!!

Superstitious or Whatever let the black cat cross my path......here kitty, kitty........... ha!

Friday, November 6, 2015


Time for another WHAT I THINK I KNOW TODAY post....actually I think I only titled one other post exactly for my blog title; however I am thinking I should be doing these more often.  (If not for any other reason than to get some weighted thoughts off my brain which then tends to weigh heavy on my neck and shoulders....get the picture?)  It's definitely a domino effect and stressful thoughts become stressful tension aches and pains.

Lets begin shall we:

As fun as vacations are I can see why people hire a travel agent to do all the "planning" for them.  I can't tell you the number of phone calls I have made lately to Disney reservations checking on flights, rooms, tickets to parks, car rental options,  certain dining plans, and so much more.  I was getting frustrated with some of the process a few times and then that made me mad because DISNEY and VACATIONS are not suppose to be frustrating but fun!!  (Its all good now..whew!)

I know I never want 3 dogs.  Dog sitting could be compared to baby sitting triplets if you ever thought about REALLY wanting 3 children.  (Otherwise known as birth control) ha!

I have no will power around sugary treats.  They simply can't be within reach or driving distance.  ;-(

After driving 20 some miles with my daughter, stopping at a whole foods store and getting into a discussion about her wanting to buy a "healthier form of pop tarts"only to have her leave the store CRYING ~ and tell me that ~ I SHOULD FEEL AWFUL BECAUSE I MADE MY DAUGHTER CRY!! ......I know I will NOT be shopping with her any time soon.

I am super excited about getting a new USED car in the spring but I HATE the process of test driving and thus buying a car.   Can I hire some one else to do that for me too?

I recently read on Instagram about the benefits of Wheat Grass.  (Any one try it yet???) I bought a single sample pack at the whole foods store today and just finished it....taste is nasty but I am curious to see if it helps with the cravings.  (keep ya posted I will ~ sounding like Yoda I am ) 

I had my first PURPLE sweet potato today!! Stuft Mama eats the purple ones all the time and today I actually found some in the organic section at my local CUB.  YUM!  Definitely worth the extra dollars.  ;-)

***I am sick and tired of talking about losing the same weight over and over again.....***

Monday, November 2, 2015

A little late but.......

My daughter found this saying somewhere and I thought it was cute.

We had a pumpkin, candy, drinks, and relaxing filled weekend around here....
I am totally disgusted with the lack of willpower when son's bag of candy was within arms reach and I am totally sick of talking the "weight" talk all.the.time.

"No-shave November"


"No-shame November"


What is holding me back once again from taking control of what I really want for MY mind, body, and spirit????