Friday, April 29, 2016

You are a complicated human.....

(the source is on the photo)

I read this quote and thought "Nailed it!!"

P.S.  If you are wondering the birthday boy is better and he went to school today.  He isn't thrilled about missing 2 days of school and the thought of "make-up" homework, but he does have a weekend to get it all done.  ;-)

Any quotes just fit you perfectly?

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The BEST and Worst thing about turning 13!!!

 BEST: Celebrating a few days early with Grandpa and Grandma!

 BEST: Cupcakes with Grandpa

 BEST: Presents while in Detroit Lakes with Grandpa and Grandma!

BEST: Coming home to a dog that missed him so...

BEST: Having all 13 gifts be hidden around the house and then going on a treasure hunt for them.

Waking up on your birthday in the early morning hours and realizing a toot was something a little more....and then it was more and more....

Not feeling well on your birthday has to be the WORST!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ~ Hope you feel better soon!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

I guess my personality is that of a "bossy" lady.....Reality is I am the boss of NO ONE...

Some of my earliest memories always involve my mom and her telling me how I love to boss people around!!???? What?!?!

I don't know how she could tell that I "loved" it but I feel I have a knack for seeing what needs to get done and then noticing people around me who appear to be doing nothing.

I like to think I simply ENCOURAGE them to ACT on the current need.  ;-)

Is that being a boss?

Well, then I guess I am guilty.

However, I also believe a boss often sees a result from their "encouragement"..... I often do not.

Thus, I am NOT a boss.   And the reality is I am not a boss of anyone (sorry if you take it that way) because we ALL KNOW we can truly only be the boss of OUR SELF.

Yesterday I sat down to read my latest SHAPE magazine that came in the mail.  (One of these days I am really going to make some of the recipes I read about...they look amazing) If you haven't read the current edition you should; it really had some great tips in it and the one line I remembered most from it was: BE THE BOSS OF YOUR BODY!  It stuck with me so much that I Googled the quote to look for it on the t-shirt like the model was wearing.....

I found many "Boss" t-shirts but not the one I wanted.....then, I looked in the magazine again....
It wasn't on a t-shirt after all~
it was simply quoted over her shirt area.

Time to be the BOSS over ME!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Now that's one good looking boy!!

Owen's first time wearing a tie!!!!

(I think he liked the way he looked too!)

Then these two old people joined the picture...

(I may be storing nuts for the winter by the looks of my cheeks....kind of funny but people have told me when I lose/gain weight they notice it first in my face.  Hmm, never really thought about it before but I am a bit heavier right now and my cheeks show it...oh well!)

And yes, we truly believe, IF you are taking a picture THEN make any weird face possible...

And baby....who is getting real close to surpassing my height...ugh!

Well, at least we got one picture of him and some of his swimming buddies at the banquet....
because we forgot to take a picture of him and his official "Swim letter"....its sitting on his shelf and I plan on taking one soon but the only time I think about it is when he is getting into bed with his pj's on and well that is probably not the look I am going for so.......some day it will happen.  ;-) Someday.

One final thought:  I am in a bit of a shock that PRINCE died today.  Any one else??  It's not like I knew him personally but he seemed so healthy the last time I saw him on  one of those award shows....I was just shocked when I heard he passed.  At that moment I decided it was just fine to buy chips and taco dip for supper....I mean one never knows when they may die after all and why wait?! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I don't know what is going on lately....

I thought I got my mojo back.

I had a super great, amazingly wonderful weekend of working out and getting stuff done.  I was all set to get to body pump Monday night.  (I even wrote it on the calendar! Then you know its a DONE deal!)

This was the week to be back at my Y after 12 days of NOT exercising there at all.  I got home from work on Monday and ate a little something.  I changed into my workout clothes.  I had to drop Owen off at swimming and then I was Y bound.

(I even had Nicole set to pick up Owen after swim because I knew with the class I would be pushing it to get back there in time)

Guess had been a cloudy day and I could tell it was getting darker as I drove to the Y.  And at that moment it started to rain....... know what else???  My whole body became numb as I drove.  I could feel myself losing my mojo.  My energy.  My gumption.  I knew I had plenty of time before my class because I had planned to walk around the track a bit before.   Since I had the extra times I figured it wouldn't hurt to just sit in my car and wait out the rain.

*I played WordBrain on my phone* Have that app?  It's a good one to keep ya thinking while passing the time.....yep, I digressed.

Anyway, with 15 minutes til class time the rain stopped.  YIKES...was that a SIGN??? I headed in and headed up to the track.  I started walking since I still had a few minutes and then someone poured blue paint all over me.  Well, not really but I guess that's how it if someone had done so.

I just slowed.  It was like I was walking and watching people but not really.  People were sweating, they were laughing, some were in group classes and others on machines, they were in a groove and loving every minute of it.  I felt like I couldn't breathe and the only place I wanted to be right then and there was OUT of THERE.

5 minutes to class and I exited down the stairs and out the doors.

I didn't know whether to cry, be super mad at myself, check myself into a hospital, drive home, go for a walk, or go to Target (Well duh?????) I called Nicole to tell her I didn't feel well and decided to skip my class so I would be able to pick up Owen.  I thought about going for a walk outside ~ to clear my head and think ~ but I was nervous I would get stuck in another rain storm because they were popping up all over.  I went to Target.  I figured I could use the time to look for a Mother's Day gift for my mom.  I didn't find anything but it did get my mind off of the blue paint thingy.

I started to breathe again.

I picked up Owen and felt more like me again.  I don't get it.  I have such issues with food, exercise, and people.....too bad the three of them often go together.  ha!

Fast forward to today.........

In minutes I am going to change to get ready to go to the Y again for a cycle class.  There is another chance of rain and I am not chancing it.  I will be dropping Owen off again at swimming and I only hope tonight goes 1,000 times better than last night.  (I also have Nicole set to pick Owen up after swimming in case I don't make it .....hope the similarities between the two nights won't do any damage to my mojo) 

I am realizing I may need to make a doctors appointment and ask if any of these ups and downs I am feeling could be related to menopause and/or pre-menopause.  Something tells me it may and something tells me its related to the clouds.

Clouds ~ Grey skies ~ and Stress.  Not a great combination for me and my body.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Getting over the hill one "pedal" at a time.....

It has been almost two weeks since we arrived home from our 5 day GLORIOUS weekend away to Arizona.  Well, technically speaking it was GLORIOUS for ME and probably just GREAT for hubby.  I mean after all he did have to go to meetings and "kind of" work on Saturday, Sunday and Monday from approximately 8-4 each day; while, I made hotel room coffee, exercised, laid out by the pool, got ready to meet him for lunch, walked around the shops a bit and then headed back to the pool for another hour or so before getting "officially" ready for the day  happy hour.

Not a bad gig if I do say so myself.  And that GIG is the reason I hit a bit of a depression for a week upon return.  We left 90 degree weather in AZ and returned to 40 degree weather in MN (but with the wind it felt like 35 on a good day).  The sun went away and the clouds set in.

I didn't exercise that first week at all.

I ate A.L.O.T!!

I went to bed early each night.  I felt like crying most days, but I knew I had to suck it up and pull on my granny adult pants, put a fake smile on each day at work, and drink a beer each night with hopes that soon spring will come again.

Guess what?  Those first 7 days turned into 8 days, 9 days, and then 10 days.....but finally the weather  turned!!! YES!  This weekend was and is GLORIOUS~see I am using that (Arizona) word again! It has been sunny, even hot, we got out the patio furniture, we enjoyed happy hour Friday night, and I got my butt on my bike and exercised!!!

I HAD to get out and bike because my Tour de Cure is fast approaching.  Not really but kinda.  I have 43 miles to bike on June 4th for the American Diabetes Association and prior to Saturday I hadn't biked outside since last fall and I had only biked inside during my cycle classes 8 -13 miles per 45 minute.

Soooo, Saturday morning turned into this:  15.53 miles in 1hour 23 minutes

and today I cranked this out:   23.48 miles in 1 hour 56 minutes.

I am not a biker/cyclist and I have no idea what would be considered "slow", or "moderate" however,  I am pretty sure Lance Armstrong would be considered "fast".  I am just posting my times here to gauge where I am at at the start of my so called "training" and to have something to compare it to on future rides this summer.  

Give or take wind, temperature, and time of day I ride of course.  ;-)

Just as some of the hills I biked today literally took my breathe away....the realization once home after Arizona kind of took my life away (not literally but figuratively).  I kept going.  One pedal after another, one breath after another, one beer after another...ha! Whatever~I kept going and got through it.  

Proof there is happier times ahead once you get over the hill. 

Climbed any hills lately???

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Pet peeve number 1,001.....

As the number states I have a few pet peeves.  I am sure my family members would all agree and some may even say that number should be A LOT HIGHER so just know its only an estimate.


 And I am only talking about the DIRTY ones ........

Dirty dishes left sitting out on the counter tops.

Dirty dishes left sitting on side tables in the living room.

Dirty dishes left in YOUR BEDROOM!! UGH!!! **red face with fire coming out of my head**

Dirty dishes left in the basement ~ on the floor and/or on the island.

and the #1 place I continually find Dirty dishes???????  In the sink.  Really?  What are you thinking? Are you waiting for the maid to do YOUR dishes??? Because if so, I have a little something to share with you....."We don't have a maid"......YOU have a mom and last I checked I am pretty sure IF you are old enough to make Mac N Cheese than YOU are old enough to wash the pans and bowl you used for the Mac N Cheese.  Can you feel the frustration in my tone?  ha!

In all seriousness it is sadly true.  I can comment, I can leave the dishes until it bugs me to finally pick them up and I can complain about the mess...still members of my family continue to leave their dishes around the house.

Then I am the constant nag.


Pet Peeve #1,002??????  (wearing shoes in the house......but that's for another post ;-)