Sunday, August 30, 2015

MN State Fair....Eh? May not need to go back for a few years....

Once again I realized my perspective changes the older I get.  

Years ago when the girls were younger we wouldn't miss a chance to go to the fair.  The girls loved the rides.  We enjoyed the deep fried EVERYTHING.  And I feel like I spent hours listening to men and women try to sell items right in front of me as they made salsa's with the best chopper around, or cleaned the rust of the ugliest light, I was amazed but rarely could I part with the money to take anything home.  

Cheap.  Yep, that's one thing that hasn't changed.  Still cheap. 

Oldest daughter had to work and couldn't get out of her shift so it was just the four of us.  Which worked out OK when we decided to take the SKY RIDE across the park ~ 2 per cart was perfect! 

 A picture of both of us just getting ready ....

 A view from above but this was NOT the highest point of the ride.  I couldn't take a picture at that point because I had to hang on to the inside of the ride...nervous?  Maybe just a little.  ha!

 The boys decided they would tackle the GIANT SLIDE.
Actually Owen really wanted to do it and Cary was the chosen one to go along.
 Both finished with smiles...

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed the MINI-DONUT BEER Yum, Yum, Yum...kind of wish I had one right now, but they only sell the "Special Beer" at the fair.  Bwahahha!! We ate some traditional fair food but nothing crazy and no overloading.  We are not the typical fair goers for sure.

I actually thought about getting a hamburger on the way home because I wanted something "good" and not sweet ~ like the beer.  I think hubby thought I was nuts and we never stopped.  I know we were exhausted by the time we got home and the only thing on our minds was sleep.

I didn't get to sleep at my usual 9:30 Friday or Saturday night and then I worked ALL DAY at the Y today and its safe to say, "I am crabby, tired, and feel like crying???!!"  Funny~ when I went driving with my daughter tonight she got upset with me at one point and pretty much said the same thing.

Although her comment went more like, "I am so mad at you right now I want to run off and cry or kind of get in an accident and punch you" Well, I guess I know where she gets those crazy thoughts from.  ha!

Guess what else is new around here????

After a YEAR of no CABLE...and only using rabbit ears to kind of get about 12 TV channels...hubby had had enough!! As of right now we have cable again.  Can you guess where the family is??? Lets just say they are not reading, writing, or in their beds.........its kind of a sad, sad day.

Know what else is SAD?  Only one week until school starts again.  And that means the first time in years that I will be working 4 full days a week!! Preschool teaching here I come....scared? nervous? tired already? excited? yes, yes, and YES!

Tomorrow I get my hair highlighted!  If that doesn't make every girl happy I don't know what does.  I mean you know any one who does NOT enjoy going to the salon to get highlights, a hair cut, a head massage and a style?  If you do know someone who doesn't like to do that I think its time they find a new hair stylist.  ;-)

Have a great day people!! 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Saturday, August 22, 2015

How did you spend your Saturday afternoon??

 I thought about it first....what to do?  What to do?  HA!  Who am I trying to kid....I have had THIS Saturday planned out for about a month now.  Hubby and I and a couple of friends are heading to a town just minutes away tonight to see a local band called ..."Hairball".  No, its not a cat band and hopefully there won't be any "hairballs" thrown up.

It's a band that plays and "copycats" 80's music!! How great huh?!  I have heard from others that they are "RIGHT ON"....they walk the walk and talk the talk ~ so to speak.  We bought our tickets at least a month ago and the tickets specifically say....RAIN OR SHINE.

Wah, Wah, Wah.....a thunderstorm of all thunderstorms is expected to come through about 8PM tonight!!! There are two opening bands before Hairball with Hairball slated to start at 9:30.  UGH!

What do we do?  Go early?  Get poured on?  Wait?  No parking available...walk for blocks.... thoughts, decisions, and I think I will just have a drink.  ;-)  Seriously, I just had a TAB (and rum) well, ya I had to buy something 80's related to kick off the night.

And....this is how I spent my day prior to my friends coming over.....bought groceries for some appetizers, made some appetizers, took a nap, and some silly pictures....

Time to cook some appetizers because those friends will be here rain yet.....we will wait and see and I will let you know!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Oh, to be 16!

Cake pops are delicious....

Happy 16th Kenz ~

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

TIME ~ I hate it but I love it

 Time seems to have gone so fast as we look back at pictures and old calendars.  In fact, I often think "Where have the years gone?"  When looking back it seems as if those years have FLOWN by, however when we are living the daily routine they seem to creep ever so methodically along  (ask any kid in school and they will agree how s.l.o.w.l.y. the hands of a clock move...(ha! I bet most clocks are digital these days, "hands" of a clock what does that mean??) ....especially during a math or science class ;-)

This time of year even more than on January1, when the typical thoughts of a new year are all around us, I tend to look back and get a little sad, mad, happy, frustrated, confused, upset, excited, and depressed.  Yep, hubby said it a few days ago too.  His words went something like this, "You think you get depressed in the winter, but I think this time of year is always a crabby time for you" least that is what I kind of heard as he headed down to the basement to get away from me and "my crabby time".

And you know what?  I think he is right and it's true! My summer has caught up with me and I am ready to call it quits!

 Hard to believe this was JUST LAST YEAR when the girls and I ran the Women's Rock 10k...I run 1/2 mile now and my knees kill!

 The silly boy in back had his first year of middle school cross country.  Minutes ago I dropped him off at the high school to begin his 7th grade season of CC with some of these same kids.

One girl was decorating her "SENIOR" Homecoming overalls and the other was just enjoying her first official "Freshmen" experience.  They have changed, I have changed, we have changed.  

Some changes have been good, some not, and in many ways we haven't changed one single bit and I think that is the problem that most depresses me at this point in life.  

When will we really change to become more?

Why do we so often get stagnant? We want more and yet we don't want to work for it.

I may be the gold medal winner in this category.  I care but I don't care enough to do more about it.  I say I want change and yet I am lazy.  It's not just me though, its in our family, our community and our world.  The change we need is within our self and out there in every body else too.....and the funny thing is we ALL seem to want to COMPLAIN more than DO more.

Time passes and I think if only I had made those changes a year ago like I said I wanted to yet here another year has passed.  I am stuck at the green light and not sure which way to go.  Am I afraid of the "What next? What to do AFTER the CHANGE?"  Will more be expected of me?  Will I want even more?  Do I have the energy for it?  Is it the unknown I am most afraid of? Or the reaction from others ~ as to why the change in the first place?

My mind can run wild sometimes.....
 today is one of those days.

It just started sprinkling here, the clouds are quite gray and we are expecting a downpour by lunch maybe the weather plays a bigger part in my life than I realized....

Maybe I 
~ like the weather in MN ~ 
need to completely change every 3 to 4 months in order to become fresh and new again.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Facebook .... are you a friend or foe?

Have you ever found yourself consumed with something and before you know it 20, 30 or even 60 minutes have passed?  You knew you should be doing some much needed dusting, cleaning of the bathrooms or even moving that wet, but recently spun out clothing from the washer to the dryer.  And yet you sat.  You were too caught up in the latest post of someone going to a water park, having fun at a baseball game, or dare I say enjoying one too many drinks at a party???  

Do you know what I am talking about?

I bet some of you do....

(I bet my hubby doesn't)

For those of you who do...the struggle is real and its ridiculous!!!


Why have I let social media get the best of me?  

Why do I care what my friend ~ who I haven't spoken to REALLY for about a year ~ ate at a certain restaurant with HER friends and they had fun!  Well, alrighty then....lets announce it.  Sometimes I think, "Well maybe I am just jealous of the fun?"  Sometimes I think,  "Gawd, I am so happy I wasn't there!"  And sometimes I think, "Why, oh why have I wasted my precious time on THIS...Facebook..."

I am stronger than this challenge!

Ya know what I did today???

I began the process to DELETE my account!

Not deactivate it.....that would be way too easy.  It's kind of like hitting the pause on the stops things for awhile but as soon as you hit pause or resume it starts it all up again and you haven't lost any data....go figure!  People...its time to lose the data!

It's time to bring back being in the NOW.
If I want to find out what is going on with my friends I will text or call them.
Otherwise, I am just creeping on them ...and that is weird!

You know it is and I do too....

I am stronger than this challenge.

But guess what ...just in case I am not Facebook won't delete your account for 14 days after you send in the request.  JUST IN CASE I change my mind.  UGH.  So much wishy washy is going on ....just let me be done....

I am stronger than this challenge.  

And soon I will be ready to REALLY tackle the challenge of my 15 pound weight gain too.

Can't wait!!
(Just keeping it real folks)

Thursday, August 13, 2015

ONE of my worst nightmares.....

Why haven't I posted lately?  

I know I have been busy and sometimes minutes, hours, and days just get away from me.  You too?  Well then you know what I am talking about.  Eventually I think so many days have passed that why even go back, but here I am doing just that.  I kind of have to finish off some of our activities while home weeks ago...then, and finally then, I will move on to the current happenings around the hub.

Below is a picture of my mom on her 70th birthday with the grandchildren who were present.

Makenzie.  Oh Makenzie....minutes before she is about to jump off Long Bridge dock and a little over an hour after she had just RUN around the lake...if she only could feel that strength in her mind and REALLY feel it instead of  just posing.

Getting ready to open some presents from grandma and grandpa since they won't be able to celebrate with her on her actual day...which happens to be exactly one week from today.

Have you ever thought about dying?  Have you ever thought about what might be the worst possible way ~ in your perspective of course ~ to die?  I have.  No surprise there to my family I am sure.  I am also pretty sure I cannot be alone in these thoughts.

Ok.  In MY opinion the worst possible way for me to die would be drowning.  Either in a pool, lake, or worse yet...falling through frozen ice and then simply drowning because there would be no opening to get back out.

If that is the #1 way than the #2 way would have to be being buried alive by an avalanche.  Any kind of avalanche will do....whether its snow, sand, being in a coal mind, a farmer's pile of corn....its never ending!!

So how can these kids enjoy being buried up to their necks with sand knowing the bugs and critters that may be crawling all.over.their.body!!!

Changing subjects.
Lets get away from death's door for a bit and talk about love....
Makenzie was feeling a bit of it for the guy in white.
Good thing I don't mind embarrassing my kids a bit when I asked if I could take a picture of them with the said boy....ha!
Memories to live on forever!

Tomorrow....we get current!